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      ExcelSoft  is one of the oldest  companies in Greece in the Software Development Section for various  enterprise sectors.  Founded in 1984  ,  monitors  up  to today  the rapid changes  in  Information Techology  immediately applying it to its products.

      All those years , Excelsoft approached client's needs with responsibility , commitment and reliability , offering  solutions based on its experience and technical knowledge , gained by its long term development of Information systems.


     The rapid expansion of Internet and broadband connections  globally , as well as Greece ,  had as a result the close collaboration of enterprises all over the world , changing continously and dramatically   the way of penetrating new markets  across borders and offering new business challenges to those enterprises daring to invest to Knowledge.


      Following the global trends in Internet  , ExcelSoft has expanded its expertise on Internet Applications ,as well as Web Site development  trying to exploit to the new challenges of globalization.